Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Mas

I'm going to try to swear off writing about the mayor's race in Fayetteville until August 26. I don't know who will actually run and who just likes to stroke their ego by seeing their name in the paper. I don't know who is serious, who will come to realize they have no real chance to win, or who will have the good sense not to file. Jeff Koenig was in, and now he's out. Others announce they are out, and then they want to be in. Feckless phonies or selfless servants?

I'd much prefer a serious discussion about serious candidates who have the courage of their convictions (no pun intended). Until then, it is mostly idle gossip about someone's attention deprivation disorder. I'm taking the pledge. You junkies can have it. Unless I backslide.

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