Monday, May 19, 2008

Behold Boozman's Brain -- and Heart

John Boozman must be among the leaders of members of Congress who vote most often against the interests and wishes of their constituents. Three votes last week demonstrate that Boozman is a partisan hack who betrays his Arkansas constituents to please George Bush and his Republican Party Bosses in Washington.

Last Thursday Boozman voted against the
new GI Bill that would guarantee a full scholarship at any in-state public university, along with a monthly housing stipend, for anyone who serves in the military for at least three years. It is aimed at replicating the benefits awarded veterans of World War II. To pay for it, the Democratic plan would impose a surtax on individuals with incomes above $500,000 a year or couples with income exceeding $1 million annually. The bill passed the House by 256-166, but John Boozman voted against our veterans and for the millionaires. Our three Democratic Congressmen voted for it.

Then came the House vote on a
$163 billion appropriation to support U.S. troops overseas, and extend unemployment benefits for workers laid off by the Bush recession, which failed to pass by 149-141. Boozman didn't vote to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, nor did he have the courage to vote against it. He voted Present. Present!! We don't send folks to Congress to vote present and collect their salary; we elect them to take a stand and do the right thing. John Boozman was AWOL. Our three Democratic Congressmen voted for it.

Then the Democrats offered
a non-binding plan seeking an exit of military forces from Iraq by December, 2009. The proposal passed the House by 227-196, but John Boozman voted against it. Why? We'll never know, because he didn't speak on the floor. Our three Democratic Congressmen voted for it.

We do know that Boozman has no plan to end the war, that he voted against funding the troops, and that he voted against the GI Bill modeled on the WWII measure that educated a generation of veterans, grew our economy, and built a strong middle class. We also know that he doesn't represent the people of this district.

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