Thursday, October 25, 2007

su cabeza está en su asno

The Restaurant That Dare Not Speak It's Name is in big trouble up in Rogers. Last month, a code enforcement officer told Arturo Rodriguez that the name of his restaurant could not be displayed in public. Then this week, David Ibarra, who claimed to be a certified translator, told the Rogers City Council that the name of the restaurant was highly offensive and should be removed or covered immediately. The City Council agreed that the name of the restaurant in a strip mall at North 17th and Hudson, translated or otherwise, doesn’t belong on a business in Rogers.

This is all pretty ironic, when neither the mayor nor any aldermen can even read the sign. Even more hilarious is that the Benton County Daily Record says it polled "several sources" and found the word could "be interpreted in many ways," yet
harrumphed, "That name is being withheld from this story because of its possibly offensive meanings." Hey, even the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, and they don't hesitate to print the name of Wal-Mart, which some people find offensive.

Mayor Steve Womack insists that the name should be changed because
“the sign is inconsistent to what the community stands for.” Then, maybe Rodriguez should rename his restaurant, "We don't like Hispanics, and we'll harass your ass any chance we get."

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