Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Peace at Home Family Shelter would like to commend the OMNI Peace on Earth Music Festival for focusing on domestic violence by supporting the April Love Scholarship Fund. As many people know, Ms. Love was the victim of a domestic violence homicide in 2005. Her passing proves that even successful, popular young women are not immune to abuse. Last year, 17 domestic violence homicides occurred in Arkansas. These women are more than just statistics. They are someone’s daughter, sister or friend. According to the Bureau of Justice, women ages 16-24 have the largest rates of domestic violence. However, they don’t have to live in fear; help is out there. Last year, Peace at Home was the beneficiary of the Peace on Earth Music Festival. We’re glad to see that OMNI remembers that the path to peace begins in the home. We commend them on all their hard work for the April Love Scholarship Fund and, most importantly, for peace."

Judith Selle, "The Path to Peace Begins at Home," Northwest Arkansas Times

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