Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is He Talking About Water and Sewer Rates?

"God has special judgments that He executes upon those who take unfair advantage to hurt the poor, the elderly, and especially widows. But the special judgments that God has for those who take advantage of widows and the elderly is not just an individual issue; God also holds governments accountable for such actions. As the nation falls into financial abyss, I don’t want this for my fellow Arkansans. We should first find out if that bargain we seek is at the expense of someone who falls into such a category."

It could have been the way Fayetteville structures water and sewer rates to have the poor subsidize the corporations, but in this instance God's Own Economist, Jay Cole the Junior, appears to be warning against a coming financial crash and inveighing against paying property taxes to support fire and police protection. "
Many houses and properties will be available for nothing more than the property taxes that have been levied against them. So far our society has been willing to put up with the injustice of the criminal practice of personal property tax, wherein the government keeps individuals from ever fully owning their property by levying a tax on it each year. Miss one tax extortion interval and the government will own the property you worked all your life to obtain. ... In short, these people will be on the street begging."

Of course, if you do a little creative real estate swapping and claim that your old airplane hanger and acreage are church property, then you pay no property taxes at all.

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