Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Against the Property Tax Increase

There might be reasons to support the City's proposed increase in property taxes.

It could be a progressive reform measure to replace the regressive sales tax with a property tax, but the Mayor has not proposed doing that. He just wants to stack the property tax on top of the existing sales tax.

It could be that the City needs additional revenue for essential programs even after cutting out the wasteful spending, but the Mayor has not proposed to cut or reduce a single existing program. He just wants more money without being bothered to present a detailed budget proposal to the citizens.

Let's hope the City Council does not fall for his pig in a poke. Institute a hiring freeze. Shift some of the revenue from capital projects to operations. Cut out the fat. Pass a road impact fee. See if the Sam's Club is the promised bonanza. Demand a detailed budget proposal. Do those things, then see if we really need to increase property taxes.

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