Friday, October 26, 2007

Murry Stone Says America Sucks

In a pointed letter to the editor of the Northwest Arkansas Times today, Murry Stone declares that America sucks, and he knows the reasons why. In fact, he is a brave man to be willing to impart such knowledge and express such bizarre sentiments when most rational people will probably dismiss him as a selfish, bitter, racist nut case or a typical neo-con Republican.

Says Stone, "John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were told that 'integration' of our schools would be the 'moral' downfall of the United States. They integrated our schools anyway, and here we are. So I blame liberals, liberal organizations and their damn rap music crap for our country’s behavior. But it started with integrating our schools, and integration also started all our education problems that we have today. Liberals have taken the First Amendment and ruined our country with it. ...Our country is becoming a disgusting place to live. And I don’t see it getting better either. Our country is destroying itself from within. This country has too many different races of people in it, we are losing God every day, and the liberals have over-used our First Amendment. And it’s going to get worse, I think."

Not much evidence for that last clause, Murry. By the way, you're not the same Murry Stone who lives at Hillcrest Towers, are you? You know, Hillcrest Towers, a subsidized housing program to help the elderly and less fortunate that resulted from Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" and his liberal Department of Housing and Urban Development?

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