Friday, October 12, 2007

Economic Development Efforts 2006-2007

Ray Boudreaux is the Economic Development Director for the City of Fayetteville, and we've often wondered what he does. Reviewing the City's Quarterly Management Reports for July 2006 through June 2007 (the latest available) it is evident that Ray and his staff have been working really hard for economic development. During the last year, they attend lots of meetings; they sold two lots in the industrial park; and they leased space for a cell tower. Here in their own words is a categorized list of everything they have accomplished in only one year:

Staff continued to work with FEDC with a prospect for the Industrial Park. The City’s Industrial Park prospect is still considering the Fayetteville Industrial Park for its project. We continue to work with FEDC.
The industrial project that was looking at the Industrial Park cancelled the site selection process for the time being.

Staff attended the Quarterly Business Analysis which included a brief on the local, state, and US economy

Staff is still working on the Economic Development Data project with the U of A and the FEDC

Staff participated in the Citizens 4 Fayetteville campaign to inform the electorate on the value of the bond issue.

Staff has received an application to purchase Parcel 20W by Mayflower Moving and Storage. Staff closed Lot 20W in the Industrial Park and delivered the check to the City. Staff negotiated the sale of Lot 31 in the Industrial Park. Staff leased Smith Two Way a lot in the South Industrial Park for a cell tower

The Local Redevelopment Authority (Susan Thomas, Steve Rust and Ray Boudreaux) met several times to discuss the disposition of the Leroy Pond Reserve Center and met with Lynn Boese, OEA Representative, to discuss the Leroy Pond Reserve Center closure and redevelopment.

Staff has talked with a U of A incubator tenant for the potential of an Industrial Park location.
Staff has one prospect looking to expand on to the airport.

Staff attended the Chamber salute to the Arkansas Delegation in Washington DC.

Administration and staff lunched with the seniors at the Fayetteville Senior Citizens Center. The meals and atmosphere have much improved.

FEDC held their annual membership meeting in March.

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