Monday, September 29, 2008

Register Someone to Vote

Next Monday, October 6, is the absolute deadline to register for voting in the November 4th elections for candidates from City Council down to President. We won't insult our readers by urging them to register to vote, since we will assume that anyone who visits this site is already registered and votes in every election. Instead, we challenge you to help one additional person to register.

Everything you need to know about registering people to vote in Arkansas can be found at this link to the Secretary of State elections division. If someone is not sure whether they are registered or might have moved since registering or last voting, you can get current registration information and status here.

It's not just us and our peculiar obsession. Other people think that registration and voting is important, too. If you don't believe us, check out the sites hosted by the League of Women Voters, Declare Yourself, and Rock the Vote.

The most reliable way to make sure that someone gets registered is to take them to the County Clerk's Office and getter done right. In Fayetteville, you'll find it in the Courthouse at the corner of College and Dickson, one flight up after going through the security check at the east entrance. And don't wait until the last minute when things get busy and confusion has a chance to do its thing.

Double your influence. Register a friend.

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