Saturday, September 6, 2008

Readers' Poll: Who Was Minding the Sewer?

There has been much blathering and blaming about who is really responsible for the $66 million sewer plant debacle. Mayor Dan Coody has said it wasn't really a cost overrun, that it was only a hiccup, that he didn't know there was a problem, and that it actually came in on time and under budget. Really, he said that.

We asked our readers to vote on which of Coody's excuses for the disaster they believed. Eighty-one (81) readers participated in the survey, but not many of them bought Coody's tales of who was to blame. Twenty people did. Nine (9) agreed that it was the fault of Chairman Kyle Cook and the Water and Sewer Committee.; five (5) agreed that it was the fault of former Mayor Fred Hanna; two (2) agreed that it could be blamed on Burns and McDonnell, the consulting firm that Coody hired; two (2) agreed that it could be blamed on Greg Boettcher, Coody's water and sewer director; one (1) said it was the fault of Bob Davis, another of Coody's water and sewer directors; and one (1) bought Coody's claim that it was Hurricane Katrina's fault.

The bad news for Coody's credibility is that nine (9) said it was just as likely that the Tooth Fairy was to blame as Coody's attempt to blame Kyle Cook's Committee. Seven said "stuff happens," but 45 (55%) said that the fault laid elsewhere, with "someone else." Someone else being Dan Coody.

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