Sunday, September 7, 2008

Citizen Wisdom of the Day

"I applaud the Sept. 1 editorial supporting the need for designating additional scooter and motorcycle parking in the city and on campus. . . . However, I respectfully disagree with your notion that 'Nobody wants the diminutive size of scooters to give their drivers a free pass... to taking up car-sized spaces needed for bigger vehicles.' Why do my rights to park depend on whether I choose to drive my pickup truck or my scooter or my motorcycle? ... The average motorcycle on Dickson Street carries more than one paying customer to their destination. I doubt that the average SUV carries a much higher average number of passengers.

"... I certainly know Fayetteville residents love to take the time to conduct 'some study to determine how to best accommodate scooters.' However, it seems that the European models of designating oddly-shaped areas in parking lots, alleys and between buildings for scooter and bike parking would be an easy one to emulate and cost less than the study itself."

--Tim Kring, "Parking on Two Wheels," Northwest Arkansas Times

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