Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayor Coody Bitch Slaps Bobby Ferrell

Mayor Dan Coody took on Ward Three Alderman Bobby Ferrell at the Council Agenda Session last night and made it clear that he would ignore Ferrell's Resolution asking the Mayor to submit a balanced budget. Coody told Ferrell that he was The Decider and had no intention of submitting a balanced budget, despite the Council Resolution passed last month. "I think I made it perfectly clear I’m going to bring forward the budget that I think is best for the city regardless of resolution or policy," he said.

Mayor Coody's preliminary 2009 budget of $35,919,400, which includes no cost-of-living increases for city employees, represents an increase of $896,400 over 2008 expenses and will create a deficit of more than half a million dollars -- about $535,400. Take that Bobby Ferrell.

Revenues are expected to increase by $361,000 next year, so Coody wants to cover his deficit spending by raiding the city's reserve funds for $535,400. That is his idea of good management and executive leadership. Otherwise, Coody would have to cut back on his travels to foreign countries, spend less time in Amsterdam and France, attend fewer high profile conferences with important people, reduce the number of no bid consulting contracts, and hold fewer press conferences and send fewer invitations to mutiple sewer plant Grand Openings to take credit for everything that happens in Fayetteville.

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