Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Fake Pass?

Sandwiched in between the Mayor's Proclamation of Methamphetamine Awareness Month and the Mayor's $110,700 out-of-state consultant making a report on its On-going Recycling Study to make sure that no one else gets any credit for voluntary commercial recycling efforts is an item for the City Council Agenda Session that should concern everyone.

Item No. 3 is an unexplained "Southpass Informational Item" added by the project's head cheerleader, Mayor Dan Coody. There is nothing in the supporting agenda packet that explains what's up. Maybe a resolution to approve the SouthPass Planned Zoning District before annexation? Some contract to commit the city to a huge but unknown infrastructure bill? Or just a lecture from City Attorney Kit Williams that he is afraid that the developers will sue the City if the Council doesn't give them whatever it is they are demanding this time?

There are plenty of good reasons to vote down the SouthPass PZD and annexation, and some of them even have the blessing of the city attorney. Let's just go ahead and vote to kill the damn thing and put it out of our misery before Dan sticks us with another post-debacle tax hike to subsidize the developers.

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