Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eilers Supporter Defends His Conduct

Adam Fire Cat said he chose to run for mayor because he thinks there are too many ordinances in the city. “I believe the excess ordinances are choking the life out of Fayetteville,” he said at a block party in June. The final straw came when he and his roommates were evicted, after someone narced on them because they were in violation of an ordinance that limits four vehicles per driveway. Walt Eilers was rumored to be the unidentified person who turned them into city officials, leading to the eviction.

In a letter today from a member of the Waterman Woods Property Owners Association, one of Walt Eilers' supporters defends his history of insisting that ordinances be enforced. "We had an issue here where a number of unrelated individuals, college students, were living in one house. The number of people not only violated our neighborhood covenants but also exceeded the number allowed by city zoning codes. Walt, in trying to protect Waterman Woods and the city of Fayetteville, took up the cause. He initially used diplomacy and tried to work personally with the offending renter, but was rebuffed. Subsequently, by going through proper channels, using the complaint procedures and the city’s enforcement system, Walt succeeded in keeping our neighborhood a good family environment.

"Unfortunately, Walt has become the brunt of rumors concerning this event by a rival mayoral candidate. Most of us know that politicians will say almost anything to be elected. That is one of the many reasons that I am supporting Walt Eilers for mayor. He is not a politician, but rather a businessman that loves living in Fayetteville and knows he can make a real difference in this city. Without his hard work and diligence, this neighborhood would still be fighting a growing problem in Fayetteville.

"The rumors that you hear may claim that Walt is not supportive of the university students. This is just not true. ...Those of you who know the real story of the aforementioned event in Waterman Woods know that Walt did the right thing for our neighborhood and for Fayetteville. If you don’t know the real story, just ask any resident of Waterman Woods."

That should settle the issue.

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