Sunday, September 7, 2008

Columnist Observation of the Day

"Now, some of the same developers who brought Fudville the multi-million hole wants the city to partner with them to build a community called ... I dunno ... South Park or something like that, down by Cato Springs Road. By “partner” that essentially means the developers want the city to put in infrastructure and in return, the developers will give the city land for a park. What nobody seems willing to point out is that the land for the park appears to be land used as the old Fudville city dump....

"And the people running the city of Fudville — who are in a close race with Sprangdale (Springdale) for the most inept city government in Northwest Arkansas — are considering the deal.... You know, if someone leaves me holding the bag for more than a million dollars for a hole in the ground, I’m going to remember that failure, no matter how much good they’ve done me in the past....

"That’s just what the city needs. Infrastructure running to what’s liable to be nothing more than another big hole in the ground if they wind up hitting that old dumpsite. I’m not really sure if there are dummies associated with these two projects, the Big Dig and SouthPass, but it’s becoming obvious there are some puppets involved."

--Bob Caudle, "Deal Seems to Have Holes," The Morning News

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