Friday, March 28, 2008

Killing the Goose

The University of Arkansas System trustees voted today to raise fees and tuition rates for students at the University to take effect this fall. In-state students will see a 6% overall increase, including a rise in tuition from $159.05 per credit hour to $167. A full-time student taking 15 credit hours would pay tuition and fees of $6,399 per year beginning this fall semester, up from $6,038. At the law school, it will be $8,569.

Don Pederson, one of the many UA vice chancellors, said tuition is going up because of inflation and because money from the state wasn't keeping pace. Keeping pace with what, Don? The growing number of bureaucrats? The expenses for that new World Trade Center the UA opened up in Rogers? The salaries of custodial workers? The state increased funding for higher education by a record amount last year, and you're sitting on a billion dollar endowment.

The UA will also stick students with a new $2 per hour facilities fee expected to generate $837,000 annually for maintenance projects that the administration has not properly budgeted for during the last few years. What next, a classroom chair fee?

Every additional $392 dollars students fork over for tuition and fees each year is another $392 they won't be spending on good, services, beverages, and pizza that generate sales tax revenue for the city.

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