Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Fix Is In

Last month, the Iconoclast reported that the applicants for Superintendent of the Fayetteville School District included only one woman, that it looked like the deal was already wired, and that Steve Percival and the Board were dragging their feet to make sure that Bobby New's hand-picked assistant Randy Willison would get the job. With only nine applicants, you know they weren't trying very hard to recruit.

Whether that was their plan or not, the pieces are certainly falling into place along those lines. The highly qualified Dr. Elizabeth Celania-Fagen, the only female applicant, will no longer be a threat to insider Willison's coronation. She was selected yesterday to head the Tucson Unified School District at a salary between $185,000 to $230,000. The Board members there said she was a "strong change agent" and that her colleagues in Iowa had called her "the teacher's teacher."

Six weeks ago, we predicted, "
Chances are that the Fayetteville School District's next hire will be a white guy and that patrons will have no real voice and little influence on the decision." Looks like the chances just got a whole lot better.

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