Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Always No Taxes, Always

It was a landslide defeat for Bentonville's proposed millage increase to build a new high school costing more than $100 million. To give you an idea of what a poor job the Bentonville School Board and administrators did in selling the millage, there are 3,053 students currently enrolled in Bentonville High School, and the millage increase got only 1,699 votes from 23,731 registered voters in the district.

Bentonville Superintendent Gary Compton said,"We just did our best campaign." If 59% of the voters in Bentonville said NO to 4 mills, when there was no vocal opposition to building a second high school, the Fayetteville School Board should rethink the prospects for passing a millage increase to build a controversial Mega-School on the outskirts of the city.

The last time out, the Fayetteville School Board asked for a 4.8 mill increase and got their butts handed to them by 61%-39%, winning the support of only 1,633 voters among about 40,000 registered. Assuming that they can recover from the past ill will and mistrust created by Bobby New and former board members, the current board will have a difficult time selling the voters on that Mega-School in Sprawlville advocated by Jeff Koenig and the Chamber of Cowbirds.

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