Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bobby New Has Lost It

I guess it depends on what the definition of "it" is, but it could be (a) touch with reality, (b) public trust, (c) any sense of shame, or (d) all of the above. Fayetteville School Superintendent Bobby New's remarks in the Arkansas Times article today make no sense whatsoever. New appears to have been trying to discount the huge water, sewer, and road infrastructure costs that will be required for his Deane Solomon Dream, so he implies that staying in Fayetteville will also have street infrastructure expenses, too. See for yourself what you think he could possibly have meant:

Surrounded by university property and a state highway, the existing site faces tremendous infrastructure challenges, New said. Although FHS has not grown significantly in recent years, its university neighbor has, and traffic problems are particularly pressing on Razorback game days. Fayetteville has “an older population driving more cars,” New said.

Does New mean that there are too many old people driving their cars around the high school during school hours? Geezer brigades cruising the campus make it necessary to improve the streets? I don't think so, Bobby. The Census Bureau says only 8.7% of the city's residents are 65 or older, while the state average is 14%, and the median age here is only 26.9 years.

Or here's the big one, that "traffic problems are particularly pressing on Razorback game days." Yeah, right. We know that those five football games a year disrupt high school classes on Saturday afternoons, just like those 7:05 p.m. Razorback home basketball games cause traffic problems for all those students taking night classes at the high school.

Hang it up, Bobby. Your doublespeak has already poisoned the voters against the Cowbird Plan being pushed by Ramsey, Koenig, Percival, and Heil. Go away before you kill any chance of a millage increase to build a world-class high school facility in a central location.

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