Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guest Editorial

An anonymous commentator offered the following contribution in a comment posted to another thread. It deserves better placement and your consideration:

Fayetteville desperately needs a good breakfast joint in the tradition of a good old fashioned diner, but with an upscale twist. You know we'd all be down there right now.

Someone--please grab the now defunct Maison des Tartes building. Transform that cavernous dining room by installing booths below and a reading-room loft above for the coffee addicts, which would lower the ceiling and create some intimacy. Later on think about an outside patio--there's plenty of room.

Make as much of it self-serve as possible (coffee press-urns, toasters, bussing stations (ala Panera), etc.) In the back of that huge room, extend the kitchen out for an open style grill for cooking of omlettes/crepes etc. People order and pick up there. Table-waiting only for coffee refills & cleanup.

Serve the healthiest possible kicked-up peasant food with plenty of items adjustable for vegetarians. Keep a small bakery thing going for your own biscuits, focaccia, cookies, bagels, etc. Have to-go sandwiches/salads/sweets avail. in the front case that would be modified for virtual self-service (ask the Mad Barber Eric Loyd about this--he's got the idea down).

Keep it simple, nothing terribly hoity-toity but use the best locally grown ingredients possible.

Please--someone--do this. I remember back when Carey Arsaga told me it was a choice of either running for mayor or openeing a really good breakfast place where ONF used to be on Dickson St. Now there's a team who can do things right. If only....

Anonymous, March 11, 2008 9:40 AM

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