Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mike Masterson and the Militia Man

Hollis Wayne Fincher, Lieutenant Commander of the Militia of Washington County, learned today that the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit didn't buy his argument about having a Second Amendment right to possess a machine gun and a sawed-off shot gun. Oscar Amos Stilley, Fincher's attorney and a big shot school voucher advocate with Arkansans for School Choice, was unable to convince the trial judge that Fincher was in a legit militia, and now the appeals court has rejected the rest of Fincher's constitutional defense . Stilley also has his own legal problems now.

Sympathetic local columnist Mike Masterson previously complained about the investigation by AFT agents and suggested that Wayne Fincher was being prosecuted for his anti-government opinions in violation of his First Amendment rights. He hyped the "Free Wayne" bumper stickers almost as vigorously as he pimped the "Justice for Jamie" stickers for that dead girl he writes about every week.

Masterson says that Commander Fincher is a Constitutional scholar, and he tells us that Judge Hendren pronounced a sentence that was too harsh. Masterson thinks maybe a small fine and a suspended sentence would have been appropriate. I suppose, to Masterson, that brandishing a machine gun and a sawed-off shot gun to protect our county from the black helicopters and liberals should not be punished with jail time.

Maybe just let him go with a good spanking? After all, it's not like he was trying to let teenagers read books about spanking the monkey.

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