Sunday, August 24, 2008

The House that Dan Built

In case you missed the first Ribbon Cutting of the Westside Sewer Plant two months ago, the constant reruns of Mayor Dan Coody's cutting the ribbon with Cowbird scissors on the former Government Channel, or Mike Masterson's shameless apologia for his good friend "Danny Boy," you are about to have another opportunity to hear the mayor make more excuses and deny that it was his fault the WSIP debacle came in three years late and $63 million over budget.

This week, Mayor Coody is staging yet another Grand Opening
to "celebrate" the flow of effluent through the Westside Sewer Plant with a ceremony and luncheon on Thursday, August 28th at 10:00 AM. I'm not kidding. He says the "ceremony is open to the public," which must mean those citizens who don't have day jobs or can take off work to celebrate getting flushed. By the way, it is too late for any resident to RSVP for lunch. The announcement posted as "News" on the City's website on August 22 slyly announced that the deadline for lunch reservations was August 21. Too late, you moocher.

Not to worry if you can't get off work for the big Grand Opening. It will be taped by city employees and shown repeatedly between then and the November election. Set you TiVo for Coody Channel 16. Keep a good thing flowing -- downhill.

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