Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fair and Balanced

Today's Northwest Arkansas Times announces that there will be Bible Study today at 3 p.m. out at the local Denny's, 2589 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, which they persist in calling Sixth Street. The topic is "Can Evolutionists Be Saved?" For more information, call Ramona at 287-9247.

Richard Drake
's fine Street Jazz blog today announces "This week, we’ll be replaying a 2006 show with Dr. Michael Plavcan, from the University of Arkansas, on the subject of Evolution and Intelligent Design. The program will be shown on Fayetteville's Community Access Television on the following days on times: Monday, August 18 - 7pm, Tuesday, August 19 - noon, Saturday, August 23 - 6pm. C.A.T. is shown on Channel 18 on the COX channel line-up."

I love this town!

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