Saturday, August 30, 2008

By Invitation Only

You will remember that the City of Fayetteville Official Website invited everyone to the Second Grand Opening of the Westside Sewer Plant. You might recall that the invitation to residents was posted on the city's website on August 22 and that the deadline to RSVP for the "free lunch" was August 21. Too bad you missed it.

Today we learn that the Coody Administration printed and mailed 200 four-color special invitations to the event to a select but undisclosed list of friends. Did you get one? I didn't think so. But you did get to pay for them, and no one at City Hall had any ethical qualms about it.

The cost of the 200 special invitations to Dan's Big Barbeue was $382.38 paid from the Wastewater System Improvement Project fund account. In other words, our sales tax dollars that we had to pony up for the $66 million cost over run on Dan's Debacle were used to invite an elite group of people to his party to hear him try to spin his way out of responsibility for the problems that put the project over budget and three years late. Rich.

The barbecue was "donated" by the businesses that had ciy contracts to work on the sewer plant and were well paid with tax dollars for their services. It was good, I hear.

I don't know who conceived and planned this whole shoddy spectacle, but no doubt the policy and publicity adviser in charge was someone on the city payroll. It was not so good.

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