Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Burlsworth Bleats in Besieged Benton County

Jeannie Burlsworth, founder of one of the groups that failed to get enough signatures to vote hatefulness into law, is in Jim Holt Country trying to warn the unsuspecting folks of Benton and Washington Counties about those dangerous undocumented maids and chicken pluckers who are taking our jobs and trying to get health care and education for their kids. Trying to find the wedgie to exploit instead of understanding the real consequences of a failed national immigration policy, she asked, "Are you tired of illegal aliens benefiting from the privileges of citizenship in Arkansas?"

Speaking to a crowd of 13 people at the Rogers Public Library last night, Burlsworth
blurted out, "I think we are being targeted by the Mexican government," and "I don’t want to leave the decisions over to the Mexican consulate. We don’t want to leave the decisions up to the drug smugglers. We don’t want it up to the terrorists (and gangs )." Hit squads, I bet, being run out of the Embassy no less.

"We can’t build enough schools. We can’t build enough prisons," Burlsworth went on and on. “I'm in a real struggle here. This is very bad. These people are dangerous,” she has proclaimed. She was scheduled for a rerun tonight in the Chapel of the Jones Center for Families in Springdale. That's just wrong. Better stock up on tin foil, Burlsworth, or better yet, go back to Bryant from whence you came. We don't need no outside agitators stirring things up.

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