Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Outlaw Terry Hayes

I have been following the case of Terry Hayes for months, and it just gets curiouser and curiouser. Hayes has never been popular, because of the unacceptable ways that he operated Terry's Towing, a predatory towing operation in Fayetteville, but many private parking lot owners continued to use his services. Hayes was a repeat felon with convictions for sexual abuse, failing to register as a sex offender, theft and multiple assault and battery convictions, but that didn't seem to matter to the lot owners who employed him. The state regulatory board is pretty much a joke, almost always taking the side of the operators and following the towing association members on the board.

Despite a ton of evidence that Hayes was a flight risk, he has been out of jail on $15,000 bond since his arrest in January for holding a gun to his son's head and threatening to kill him while the boy's stepmother listened on the telephone. Hayes was convicted this week for aggravated assault on a family member, terroristic threatening, first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was sentenced to 55 years and $45,000 in fines, but after his conviction he had strolled away from the courthouse unmolested by the bailiff, Sheriff's Deputies, or his attorney Jim Rose III.

Washington County Circuit Judge William Storey first set Hayes’ bond at $7,500 last January, before Hayes was accused of violating the conditions of his bond by calling and threatening his son and trying to run. After he was captured by U.S. Marshalls in Van Buren, his bail was set by Washington County Detention Center Judicial Officer Ray Reynolds at $1 million. At a bond hearing requested by Hayes' attorney, Judge Storey lowered the bond to only $15,000, over the objection of Washington County Deputy Prosecutor Bill Jones who wanted to keep Hayes behind bars. Finally, after his escape this week, Hayes bond now has been set at $500,000, but it doesn't do much good after the cow is out of the barn.

Washington County Sheriff Tim Helder said, “I believe the only way this could have been avoided would have been if he’d been remanded to custody." I think it might have been avoided if Helder's deputies had kept a close eye on Hayes at the courthouse, but they are not known for paying attention to defendants, even those locked in a holding room for four days without food or toilet facilities. Judge Storey, who set the laughably low bond, invoked an artful dodge and refused to discuss the Hayes case, citing some unidentified ethics laws as a reason not to explain his actions.

Now it's up to Sam Gerard.

UPDATE (10/13): Yes, they caught Tow Truck Terry hiding out in Gravette, of all places. Today, he got 40 years in the state slammer and a fine of $45,000. Whether he is allowed to take flight for a third time, we shall see.


  1. I don't think Judge Storey and Jim Rose ever discussed the case at U.S. Pizza.

  2. I've been seeing details of this pop up elsewhere too, thanks for the full account Jonah. so- what the hell is going on? does Hayes have something on somebody? does he have a bunch of cash socked away from that towing scam that he's promised to pay off folks if he gets away? admittedly those all sound like bad movie scenarios, but I almost hope it's those because otherwise everybody involved in the law enforcement side of this is too dumb to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Seriously, does anybody know more aobut what's going on here? heresay? gossip? idle specualtion?

  3. That guy should have had a chip inserted so that he could have been found by a satellite at any time! He is a dangerous loose cannon ripe to commit murder.
    Can you get any more photos of him to share? People need to be prepared to get out of the way or draw fast if he approaches them.

  4. This type of thing could happen in any case where a defendant is out on bail. To speculate otherwise and suggest that he paid someone off is unfounded and unfair. A recent story in the Times explained that he would have been denied bond, if his friends had not lied during the bond hearing and if a key witness had not got scared and decided not to testify.

    As crazy as this Hayes incident seems, let's hope the constitution is not changed to no longer allow bail.

  5. Mr. 7:09, you'd be singing a much different tune if Hayes had threatened you or your kids. At least we'll give you the benefit of that doubt.

    The point is Hayes should not have been out on bail. Anyone reading the newspaper accounts knew that much.

    The question is why wasn't this outcome predictable to the legal experts, Judge Storey and the lawyers on the case?

    Letting a violent sex offender get away? THAT should be prosecuted as a criminal act. Storey should be removed from the bench, all his legal decisions for the past 15 years should be reviewed, and the lawyers fired and disbarred.

    Where is the investigation?
    Someone please call "60 Minutes".

  6. 7:09 I don't see how arguing that this person, with these priors (sexual assault, failure to register as a sex offender, multiple assault and battery, theft) arrested for this crime (terroristic threatening of HIS OWN CHILD)& who produced likely falsified evidence at trial, equate to arguing that the constitution be changed for there to be no bail? I don't see anyone arguing that at all, but thanks for the strawman.

    and maybe this could happen to anyone who was out on bail. My question is, given the pretty obvious potential for flight and further mayhem, how does the recommended bail of $1million get reduced to $15,000, and more importantly, how does somebody who's just been convicted of a serious crime like that get to go outside the courthouse on his own recognizance? What the hell is up with that?

  7. The obvious answer Urk, is that it is always who you know, where yur from, & who's your daddy.
    I suspect the Judge is arguing that he couldn't force the foster dad to testify, but when the witness gets up & leaves & is obviously scared sh*tless, what difference does it make what your argument is?
    No bail, no bond, no way.

  8. "...but when the witness gets up & leaves & is obviously scared sh*tless, what difference does it make what your argument is?
    No bail, no bond, no way."


  9. Let's see if I've got this right:
    The foster-father witness was too scared of Hayes to testify.
    Witnesses in the courtroom saw Haynes turn around in his seat and glare directly at his son when the guilty verdict was read.
    This is the same son previously threatened with death by Hayes.
    The legal eagles on the job let Hayes walk away.
    They purposely let him get away.
    You can bet that if Hayes had threatened the life of an official of the court, of a lawyer or cop or any of their family, Hayes would be in jail right now instead of on the lam.

    Does anyone know what if anything is being done to find this guy before he or someone he hires whacks someone?

  10. I can tell you that Terry probably does have a lot of cash, including some of mine. Terry's Towing only gives you your car back for cash, no checks or cards, and they won't give you a reciept or say thank you after they snatch the cash out of your hand.

    I've also heard that Storey is so crooked he has to screw his socks on in the morning.

  11. Before I knew about Terry's Towing shady operations, I had them tow my car from my house to the shop for repairs. When it got there, the CD player was missing.

  12. Does the street-side plate glass window at Terry's Towing still have bullet holes in it?

  13. In my opinion he was not and will not ever get a fair trial in this county! I think Rose just got 30,000 richer for doing nothing! As far as I can see they never produced a weapon. The bullets were dirty and rusted that don't happen in a few days (hearsay)! I think maybe alot of people wanted him out of the way! As far as the fear witnesses supposedly had?? And was supposedly a prisoner of their home?? Well ask police at prairie grove and Lincoln that rose never called as witnesses! You don't go out running allover town without an adult if your that afraid! Why would the childs mother let him run all over unprotected IF they were truly lovin in fear! Secondly why would the mother, stepfather turn around in the road and chase the accused if they were afraid? With the boy in the car! If I was afraid of someone and seen them driving through town I would haul AS$ the other way, not try to chase them down!!(Lincoln)!! So just maybe there's more to the story than meets the eye! Just my opinion!! Think about it all!

  14. I like the way Anonymous 10:06 AM uses exclamation points instead of logic!! I'm going to try that! Sometime!!!

  15. Here's a relevant factoid.
    Arkansas ranks #1 in the crime rate statistic of of women killed by men.
    With judges like ours, no need to ask why.
    Storey doesn't seem to think twice about handing down 10-20 year prison sentences to 19 year olds with no violent history but he lets a guy like Hayes get away.

  16. If I was truly afraid for my life or my childs I would not let them out without an adult. I would definately go in the same direction as the accused!

  17. not In defense of judge storey, but he didn't let him get away. I'm sure he was in his chambers reading the newspaper.

  18. terrys teenage son is smoking drinking at 15 has a 17 year old girl friend living with him and his astranged bio mom and convicted meth husband and domestic abuse would you lie to not have to work and to be able to run with friends who have been aressted for pot at age 16 why would the boy not lie most of our spoiled rich kids would have the same sm
    art *** attitude

  19. BS I have known him for several years. SO not his MO!
    I personnaly had no qualms with either of my toddlers ever being in his presence. If there was an issue with them he would just remind them of the rights & wrongs so they wouldn't get hurt by whatever could happen. Wether it be messing around the farm, trucks, or animals, 4 wheelers etc. You know basic knowledge of hurting or staying safe. AKA being a good kind loving man that he is. If you truly know or knew Terry & his family you'd understand. This all tears me up! This is not the Terry myself & kids know & love.
    However there is the obvious purple elephant in the room with the diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. I can see that side of him as well. He is just as rough and tumble as has been noted here. I will give you all that. But most of the stuff noted here & online is a farse @ best!

  20. all i can say is god be with terry and his son

  21. Terry has is a wonderful man! I pray he gets a new trial and its in another county. Maybe then he'll get a fair trial!! Those of u who pass judgement and dont even know him! Well u will face ur judgement day! Funny how a cop that kills a man gets 30 days in jail and terry gets basically life!!! What kinda shot is that!