Friday, September 25, 2009

UA Hall of Famous Rich White Guys

The Wal-Mart College of Business invites you to drive to Little Rock, put on a tux, and pay $150 to attend a dinner honoring four rich white guys, two of whom are the former jocks Jim Lindsey and Jerry Jones. These fellows will be inducted into something called the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame that is actually a bunch of plaques in the lobby of the Donrey Center for Enterprise Development at the Wal-Mart College in Fayetteville. They are being honored for making a lot of money, with the hope that they will give some of it to Walton University,

Honoring four rich white guys has become a tradition at Wal-Mart College, as all four honorees for the Hall of Fame have been rich white guys in 10 of the 12 years it has been in existence. That's fitting, considering that being a rich white guy seems to be a qualification for serving on the University's Board of Trustees. Not among those being honored this year, since they are unlikely to be making large donations to the Walton University, are previously wealthy white guys Ben Israel, Tom Terminella, Tracy Hoskins, Gary Combs, John Nock, Brandon Barber, or Jeff Collins.

I guess it is alright for the University to continue to honor the rich white guys in their little Arkansas Business Hall of Fame plaque collection and an annual black tie banquet. However, to set an example and give more than lip service to the institution's supposed commitment to diversity, they should consider establishing separate but equal halls of fame for outstanding women, minorities, and exploited employees.


  1. Thanks Jonah(s) but at least one of these meritocrats has fallen out of the class. Last time I checked Mr. Collins will be liquidating his trophy and turning the proceeds over to the bankruptcy trustee.

  2. Does anyone but me think that Judge Storey should be removed from the bench?
    In my mind he is directly responsible for any harm that may come to the previous loved ones of Terry Hayes.
    Unbelievable, the pain and suffering incompetent judges are allowed to inflict on the populace around here.

  3. Is it the judge's job to see that felons are wearing their leg irons while outside smoking? Who is the bailiff? Shouldn't he have been out smoking with the guy or at least chewing and spitting and holding the bad dog's leash?

  4. How about the prosecutors?
    Couldn't s/he have guessed a guy with 4 very serious priors might be a flight risk?
    There's been something very smelly about the way Hayes was treated with kid gloves from the git-go.

    Who does have ultimate responsibility for this now? Who will get sued if anything happens? Why do these people get to keep their jobs?

  5. Here's an idea. Freeze Hayes assets and waterboard anyone close to him for information on his wherebouts. Its not torture. And hire a bountyhunter or two. I'm sure lots of folks would volunteer to tow him back to town.

  6. Some men rob you with a tow truck, some with a fountain pen.

  7. Most with a law degree...

  8. I couldn't agree more Anon 11:23. Storey is a vindictive bully, and it's time for him to go. I wish Jonah or Lessie would devote more time to scrutinizing our judicial branch. And forgive me for being an anonymous poster --- I'm afraid of consequences if I openly criticize judges.

  9. Wussy.

    If you ain't done nuthin wrong, you got nothin to worry bout. Or...let's see...make that if you have done sumthin wrong and your Terry Hayes, you'll be jest fine.

    Doh...I'm so confused.

  10. Wait a minute, it's a long way from Terry's Towing to the likes of Collins, Barber, Nocketal or is it? [thanks Woody for the fountain pen image]
    I'd say the balance has tipped in Fayettebubble with Hoskins, Combs (maybe not), and Nock the only local visionaries free of deep financial do-do.
    2nd thoughts on Collins: you now how your Stock Broker will call you up with a hot tip for short term gain? Ain't so different with property flippers, rumors of Wal-Mart's new location, eg. So let us say that due to his profession Mr. Collins was privy to local insider realest hate poop. How could he have bet wrong on every single LLC--as listed in his bankruptcy?
    Unless those are only the ones left when the music stopped?
    hmmm...Centrex LLC formed 3/2005 probably the latter.

  11. Corporate Party of ArkansasSeptember 26, 2009 at 2:47 AM

    Mr Tebbetts,
    We wish to thank you for bringing up the apparent inequalities which seem to exist in the Ark Bidness Hall of Fame.

    At the CPA we strive for fairness to exist for our members and it is not our intention to exclude anyone because of race or gender or national origin.

    Before going further let me thank you for pointing out those unchristian losers whose names you posted above. They have no right to be considered representative of Arkansas bidness or of our fine pool of qualified, highly professional people. Ben Israel should never have been called a bidnessman nor that bank-suing ridiculous parasite, Terminella. Losers have no place in CPA or our Hall of Fame. Let them take government jobs.

    At CPA we made the decision several years ago to send Ms. Blanche Lincoln to the U.S. Senate and she is serving our interests very well and does a wonderful, professional job for all of Arkansas. We know all our members agree and will keep Ms. Lincoln in office helping our corporate associations in agriculture and helping to remove that insidious DEATH TAX from the backs of hard working Arkansas families so that heirs will not owe their net worth to the U.S. Treasury when a parent goes on to meet the Lord. Additionally you will take note that we arranged for Ms. Lincoln to sit on the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate. From their she helps protect credit card companies and fine bankers all across this fine state. She handles that chore well. We are so proud of that woman.

    Now the next order of bidness is the darkie we have who is now a proud owner of a chain of automobile dealerships across this fine state. So, we're looking forward to see if Robert Johnson, our proud, successful Arkansas darkie billionaire sees fit to join our Party.

    Again, we wish to thank you for pointing out some of our short comings but as you can see from the two examples cited, we are improving and look forward to inducting more members of our Party into the Bidness Hall of Fame.
    I.M. Wright, Chairman
    Corporate Party of Arkansas.