Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Prevaricator on the Potomac

Congressman John Boozman (R-False Witness) is at it again, trying to take credit for federal funding to local projects when he voted against the funds. Today, the fabulist sent out a press release praising himself for announcing a $570,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to the University of Arkansas, providing funds for facility and equipment upgrades to increase efficiency and security including solar power, meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, build a solar energy bus wash, and make improvements allowing for use of bio-diesel.

Boozman said, “These advancements reinforce Fayetteville’s commitment to create an environmentally friendly city.” He didn't say why he voted against the stimulus funds that could help make this possible. His opposition and votes against funding could be one reason that Arkansas didn't get a penny of the $100 million in Economic Recovery Act funding released last week for 43 transit agencies that are pursuing cutting-edge environmental technologies to help reduce global warming, lessen America's dependence on oil, and create green jobs.

Does Boozman think his constituents are so stupid they don't catch on to his deceptions, or is he so stupid that he doesn't grasp the connection between appropriations and grants?


  1. .

    "constituents are so stupid"


    "he so stupid that he doesn't grasp the connection.."

    Can we have both options?


  2. You will also note from Boo!Man's website a poll on national health insurance. Be sure to take it.
    Sen Lincoln ran a poll like that via email back in July.
    She has yet to share the results. Will Boo!Man share the ACTUAL results of his polls?


  3. Unfortunately, most of his supporting constituents are stupid, whether he thinks so or not.

  4. Someone said "If he had a used car lot..."

  5. Ive been a subscriber to the "Congress Roll call" weekly email for awhile. 'Booz' is a strickly "NO" puppett.
    from everything from water conservation to OUR childrens school financing.

    How he has been in office for more than 1 term is beyond my understanding.

  6. Booz would vote for a pile if the Repugs said to vote that way. Even if it landed on the third district.