Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Choice, Not an Echo

The Arkansas Times reports today that John Gray will seek the Green Party nomination for United States Senator next year. This is especially good news for those of us having trouble distinguishing between Blanche Lincoln and the other right wing Republicans seeking the office.

John Gray is a retired Ford Motor Company executive with a wide range of experience, including serving as Mayor of Greenland. He has proven his political courage and independence in the past, and we expect a vigorous campaign that includes an intelligent discussion of the issues and the dismal voting record of the incumbent.

Pay attention.


  1. No comment 24 hours after the posting of this significant item? I am happy to see John Gray offering to serve. He will bring a breadth of understanding to the race and force dialogue about issues with a point of view no other candidate can match.

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    At the Corporate Party of Arkansas we encourage people to get out and vote.

    However in the interests of our citizens and NUMEROUS bidnesses we represent please be wary of this new candidate.

    For your convienence and to keep the wheels of government balanced we set up Division D and Divison R of the Corporate Party eons ago.

    You see it's not necessary for candidates or voters to leave those parameters of D and R. But when they do you can rest assured they are up to something that will not be good for OUR state, and OUR voters.

    We have the cleanest waters a state can have. We have low taxes and the tax exemption list is growing daily so that our bidnesses can prosper.

    We continue to provide profitable markets for ALL utility companies so that our citizens will never be without the basics of gas, electricity, cable tv and telephones.

    Our banks and pawn shops have worked smoothly to help people in time of need and will continue to do so.

    In the course of time we did notice that sometimes an officeholder in Div D or Div R will get out of hand. So, we just toss out some options, for YOU to decide, so that things can be set back into balance for everyone and YOUR Corporate Party of Ark. That's checks and balances you see, working for you every day.

    There is no need for the hard working folks of Ark to finance yet another candidate who will just make the rabble rousers more discontent, and make workers come to expect more. We can't have that. We will simply respond by not responding at all. Our members in the print and TV media will see to that.

    Stay the Course with YOUR Corporate Party of Arkansas.
    I.M. Wright, chairman.


  3. Jesus Christ, thank you. Finally.

  4. sounds like a good candidate. Bravo. what are the chances of a green party candidate actually beating Lincoln tho?

    Unrelated, but Jonah, had you heard this?

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  6. The Morning News reports on John Gray's
    travels to West Fork. Tomorrow expect an ADG report.

    Bringing back jobs and reining in corporate excesses are Gray's main two issues. He proposes changing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit some of the corporate protections.

    "I feel this country is in more danger of failing right now than at maybe any other point in our history," Gray said. "I'd like to see personal rights apply only to 'natural' people, not the mega-corporations that have caused so much of this recent trouble."


  7. "He proposes changing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit some of the corporate protections."

    That's exceptional. I'd love to see some populist steam get behind that position.

  8. Great. We now have another Green that will secure another election for a Republican, just like Nader did for Bush in 2000. Thanks Green Party! You have really made a difference!

  9. Thanks Democratic Party, I can't tell the difference between Blank Lincoln and a Republican.