Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

“It is thoroughly disingenuous of the group’s president, Jerry Cox, to shield this mean-spirited effort with words meant to make people feel better about acting like bigots. …

“Also, it is just shy of being scandalous that a petition of this sort, which means to deny a home and loving parents to adoptive youths and foster children across the state, is expected to be circulated in houses of worship across Arkansas during the coming months. The terrible arrogance this implies is appalling. Are we to believe that mere moments after churchgoers have been told to love thy neighbor, they’ll walk by petitions asking them to try and only love life’s straight participants?

“I feel sorry for the people who think signing this petition and approving it at the ballot box this fall is going to somehow make Arkansas a better, safer place to live. Folks, it won’t. What it will do is legitimize a form of discrimination. It will also probably keep deserving adults from caring for a lot of even more deserving young people, each of whom could probably use a break at this point.

“Furthermore, this proposal will embarrass us where matters of history are concerned, and should it become law, decades from now sensible minds will laugh as they overturn this oddity of early 21st century America, no doubt inquiring about what drove people to attach themselves to such an unreasonable demand.

“It is a disease of the heart that has brought us to this point. Who among us wishes to spend his day arguing in favor of discrimination? Who among us wants to keep lonely children and childless adults who meet the grade from becoming a family? Who among us desire to give in to that fearful combination of fear and arrogance which has all too often ruled the day? Why must any of us allow these interruptions in our shared belief that all people should be judged not on the color of their skin, or by their sexual orientation, but on the content of their character?”

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