Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quote of the Day

"When is eight greater than 728? When you are The Morning News it seems.

"On Nov. 29, Judy McDonald and Laura Underwood presented a letter with eight names of past Fayetteville Board of Education members to the current Board members, complaining that they should restart the already failed negotiations with University of Arkansas for the sale of the FHS property. This "story" received front page coverage in The Morning News. When Janine Parry, leader of the group BuildSmart presented the signatures of 728 Fayetteville residents urging the Board to build a new high school on the current, centrally-located FHS site, The Morning News did not cover the story at all.

"It is clear where The Morning News's sympathies lie. It is far more interested in giving press to elites who desire building a mega-school on the edge of town, while ignoring the concerns of the overwhelming numbers of district patrons who prefer to keep FHS in Fayetteville."

Bill Schreckhise, "School Coverage Needs Balance," Letter to The Morning News

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