Saturday, January 5, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I have many good liberal friends who, for humanitarian reasons, disagree with me about immigration. Their position is irrational and ultimately inhumane. It will not work. It fails to recognize such realities as: a bloated U.S. population; a disastrous U.S. population growth rate that is fed primarily by immigration; 36 million Americans who went hungry in 2006; the 37 percent of us who cannot afford needed medical care; overburdened schools; sprawling land-use patterns; gluttonous resource consumption; and a sagging transportation system. A nation struggling with such burdens cannot deal with essentially unlimited immigration.

"The United States is full....

"Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are good people who have come here out of concern for their families and for their own health and well-being. We should love and care for illegal immigrants, but they need to go home. Immigrants should not be punished but should simply be sent back, at least on the first infraction. Legal immigrants should be welcomed and given much more assistance than they are currently getting, but their numbers need to be greatly reduced. There's a humane, fair and relatively easy way to do this. It's called workplace enforcement. It would have been successful long ago were it not for the unscrupulous employers who are central to our immigration problem. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, come here primarily for jobs, or to join members of their family who in turn came here for jobs. Our high-tech nation can surely devise a security system that protects civil liberties while allowing every employer to check every employee for legal citizenship. Those who are not legal citizens need be humanely returned to their home nation, while those who employ them need to be shut down."

--Art Hobson, "Against Immigration, For Immigrants," Northwest Arkansas Times

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