Friday, January 18, 2008

Quote of the Day

“If I told you that Mike Huckabee has raised more taxes, grown more government, supported more bureaucratic control of our schools, pardoned more criminals, helped bring in more illegal immigrants, and been more duplicitous in 10 years than Bill Clinton was in 12, would you feel betrayed?

“He can talk all he wants, but his record is who he is.

“…But evangelicals seem to love him. Home-schoolers flock to work for him. One foolishly said, “He’s a Baptist minister; you don’t need to ask what he stands for.” …Shouldn’t we analyze his record to see if it matches his rhetoric? We seem to want the sizzle rather than the steak. But some lose consciousness when a politician states, “Hey, I’m a Christian, too.”

“…Huckabee’s supposed to be a preacher, but what he’s speaking isn’t the truth. …And now we’re supposed to believe Huckabee when he tells us he will be tough on illegals? Who is he kidding? He can’t even be tough on rapists. "

--Jim Holt, "From Hope to Betrayal : Huckabee Can Talk All He Wants — but His Record Is What It Is," Northwest Arkansas Times

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