Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Opting Out at XNA

Today is National Opt Out Day, a movement to refuse the full body scans at some airports and request the foreplay of an Enhanced Pat Down with a Happy Ending. Where this happens to any considerable extent, it will cause even more delays, long lines, and angry passengers, which is the point. Americans tolerated the loss of travel flasks and nail clippers, but they finally have had enough of the rude bullies between the ticket counters and the gate.

Walmart's XNA Airport in Bentonville is not on the A-List to get the Nekkid Picture Machines, despite the constant Level Orange Terrorist Threats advised at the landing strip in a cow pasture. They will find other ways to make flying more inconvenient, but you can still request the fondling if you want a little Pat Down before boarding. You can also let the TSA know how it feels to be scrotum-scanned by using your X-Ray Specs to check out their unattended packages.


  1. Is Ray Boudreaux offering Enhanced Pat Downs at the Fayetteville Executive Airport? As long as the City continues to subsidize the local jet setters, that might be a way to balance the airport's negative operating budget and keep Ray on the payroll.

  2. .

    It's either going down with Osama or getting you junk felt up. Which way do you want it?

    Yes,Mildred, the terrorisks have won.


  3. This airport pat-down is obviously part of the Gay Agenda.