Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Chance for Blanche

Blanche Lincoln will be in Northwest Arkansas for her Farewell Tour before going to work peddling influence for a high-priced lobbying outfit on K Street. Rumors are that she might actually show up in a venue that allows her constituents to ask questions and get some explanation for her bizarre voting record.

If so, I want to ask her how it put Arkansas first to:

Sponsor the deficit-inducing reduction of the estate tax for billionaires,

Sponsor the climate killing resolution to strip the EPA of its already limited powers,

Vote against the DREAM Act,

Vote against Pell Grants and student loan reform

Vote against repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Oppose the Public Option for citizens needing health care

Vote against majority rule when employees vote to have a union

Take millions in campaign cash from lobbyists and out of state corporate PACs

Support NAFTA and CAFTA to encourage the flight of American jobs

Continue to support unchecked the longest war in U.S. history

Vote for thousands of dollars in federal subsidies for John David Lindsey


This could be your last chance to ask, and if you Don't Ask, she Won't Tell.


  1. Even if you ask, she probably won't tell but it sure might be fun to watch her try. I just wish for once I could go to the polls to vote FOR someone and not for the lesser of many evils. In this race, there sure isn't anyone running who represents my political views. But, that's getting all too common these days REGARDLESS of the party affiliation.

  2. Anonymous 1:34 PM--

    If you hadn't already posted that comment, I would have posted it myself.

  3. All I want to know is what she is putting Arkansas first in...

  4. .

    Why bother with Blanche. She was the best thing Republics had going. Voted their way on all major issues and she cost them nothing. Just like Mark Low IQ Pryor. Corporate Party USA, Div D or Div R. Take your choice.

    If you want a Demorcrat like your grandfathers had then here's your choice.


  5. Blanche is toast, so why bother making a cameo appearance for her swan song. The great disappointment is that she is going out a loser with no principled stand by which to be remembered. Not with a whimper but with a thud. Boozman is an even bigger douche bag, and I cannot vote for him either.

    It is a curse to be so old that one can remember when we had a choice between principled candidates who rose to prominence through force of character instead of these waffling wieners blowing their corporate owners. Voting for John Gray is the only ballot I can cast and maintain some personal dignity as an elector.

  6. Jonah(s)--wish you hadn't done this.
    My least-worst strategy is now totally in flames. My cult of personality in disarray.
    With my democratic blood bled out, Mr. Gray it is! (with apologies to my coal mining / steel-working union ancestors).

  7. Senator Lincoln will be visiting a Fayetteville elementary school to talk with the children. No word yet from her campaign whether she will subject herself to their tough questions.

  8. Abort notice...

    "Pulaski Circuit/County Clerk and Secretary of State nominee, Pat O’Brien of Jacksonville, today charged that his opponent, Rep. Mark Martin, is utilizing his taxpayer subsidized business and home office as his campaign office thereby abusing the public trust and violating state law. O’Brien is demanding that Rep. Martin start answering questions of whether he crossed the line and illegally used taxpayer money for his campaign.

    “Are the taxpayers of Arkansas subsidizing Rep. Martin’s campaign for Secretary of State?” asked O’Brien, “When you piece together reports from the Associated Press and, it appears that Rep. Martin is receiving taxpayer money that pays his mortgage, his business and even his campaign. Rep. Martin has some explaining to do.”

    More on Martin's $1350 per month office-in-home allowance, click here.


  9. The only way John Boozman can lose this election is to be caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl. (Thanks Edwin Edwards)