Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liberal Per Quod

It is a stern reminder that Benton County is a strange and fearful place where reason and politics don't mix. Some woman named Stefani Buhajla, whom I have never heard of before this clarion warning, is raising the hue and cry, "Liberal Running for Mayor of Rogers." As unlikely as that is, Mrs. Buhajla's warning reveals much about what passes for political discourse in Benton County.

So, what is the evidence for this unlikely claim of a liberal sighting in Benton County? Or that Rogers Alderman Greg Hines is a liberal, other than admitting that he is a Methodist? One thing that seems to upset Mrs. Buhajla is that Greg Hines has actually been elected and served over 10 years on the Rogers City Council and 10 years in law enforcement, all the while avoiding being exposed as a liberal. Her damning data is "Mr. Hines has hired a political consulting firm called Markham Group to run his campaign. If you know anything about Markham Group you are now staring at your computer screen in disgust. Never heard of them? Check out their website at They are a left wing attack agency. A short trip to their website shows glowing support for Barack Obama and EEEEEEk!!!! Blanche Lincoln. FRIENDS!!! Do I have your attention???" Oh, he didn't hire Mrs. Buhajla as a consultant.

Mrs. Buhajla is a former intern for John Boozman who now claims to be a "political messaging strategist," whatever that is, but you might wish to think thrice before seeking her counsel. Her bona fides include lunch partner "with the legendary Laurie Masterson," an "event planner" for Americans for Prosperity, campaign manager for the wildly unsuccessful Mike Moore for Congress, political adviser to the also ran Randy Alexander for U.S. Senate, and other fringe candidate losers. She is now working to elect Tea Party Patriot Kurt Maddox of Gravette, who got beat in the Republican Congressional primary in May and moved to Rogers in July to run for Mayor. Maddox has also been endorsed by the Duggar brood of Springdale and some anti-abortion group, in addition to Mrs. Buhajla.

We'll see.


  1. If the Duggars can get the entire herd registered they could throw the election.

    A liberal believes the taxpayers at large are responsible for those who do not make their own way.
    Stefani Buhajla

    Oh Gosh Stefani! Don't say shiz like that. Next thing ya know your fans in Springdale will be voting away the welfare, socialist baseball stadium and closing the municipal airport. See, muni airports Stefani are supported for folks who do not make their own way and build their own airport. Goddamned liberals flying those welfare airplanes. Haul 'em all to Fayetteville!!


  2. I see that her website is unusually vague about what she has done-- more particularly, whom she has worked for. Also, although her business is called Acropolis Consulting, there is not one picture of the Acropolis-- only pictures of Washington, D.C. with, for the most part, no people in them.

    According to her blog profile, her interest is "GOP politics and furthering the cause of the Conservatism." Sounds like something Stephen Colbert might say.

    And finally, isn't the spelling of her name a bit... liberal? Her parents, who clearly can't spell, must be adherents of the failed liberal public schools. I suspect she's a Markham Group plant.

  3. Mrs. Bujahla had better be getting paid up front by Maddox, or else she will be taking a number at the courthouse steps.