Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sex and Salvation in Fort Smith

In addition to having the second worst legislative delegation in Arkansas, Fort Smith also provides colorful examples of why its long regime of social, political, and cultural repression cannot stop the true spirit of its people, struggling to doff their chains and breathe free.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a Baptism celebration got a little out of hand when shots were fired and the disc jockey was pistol whipped. Fort Smith Police arrested and booked six young pilgrims on various charges including aggravated assault, curfew violations, marijuana possession and carrying a weapon. This one made CBS national news.

Then yesterday, we learned that Fort Smith Police arrested Darby Junior High School Principal Chris Rink and Darby Junior High Social Studies teacher Brian Rincon for solicitation to exchange their lunch money for sex with an undercover police officer in the 900 block of Rogers Avenue. Fail. Double Fail.

Thank goodness for the Bobby Hopper Tunnel, separating the Fort Smith flocks from the horny preachers and devout child molesters who regularly make the news in Benton County. It is ironic that both places will be voting this November to give everyone else a good dose of national and state candidates who embrace their peculiar family values.


  1. .
    What Fort Baptist needs is a church sponsored Fight Club for toddlers and pre-school children like the one that was operated out of United Methodist church last year. That should keep them entertained.

    Then naturally a civic minded attorney could be found to quash any subpoenas being issued for church personnel to fess up and arranging a news black out for the "unfortunate" event.

  2. on your knees for JesusSeptember 21, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    Nuthin' like screwin' lil' kids to show true Christianity. Next will be Boozerman buggerin' the Duggers.
    Anybody think Ronnie might be related to Pretty Boy Floyd?