Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The New Jerusalem in Benton County

Only in Arkansas, and only in Benton County. The Bella Vista City Council is meeting in special session on Friday to consider two important issues -- banning the construction of any mosque and ban the practice of Sharia law within the city limits.

The First Amendment has never been of much interest in Benton County, whether it is challenges to library books deemed dangerous or the right of association for employees wishing to bargain collectively. No doubt, banning all mosques will be supported overwhelmingly by the local residents and the pandering politicians, the constitution notwithstanding.

Now, making the practice of Sharia law unauthorized across the board is the real news. Who knew that the judges and lawyers up there were sneaking in Islamic legal principles to contend with the statutory code of Leviticus and the Ten Commandments. Best to nip that in the bud before the camel's nose gets on a slippery slope.

Bellavistian Kay Strickland sounded the jeremiad today, warning the embattled Christian majority that "America is being taken over from the inside out." She and co-crusader Bill Duncan will not sit by and lose the battle for the soul of Bella Vista. "I must do what I must do, I love America and I love Bella vista," she said.

You think this is a joke, like the politicians in Benton County. Nope. Well, yes, but it is true. To which we say, "مجنون باعتباره لون."


  1. It's no joke but indeed if sufficient investigative resources could be applied then I'm sure a Rove Rat could be found lurking around the financial accounts of either sponsor.

    Btw, The Moron News beat you to the punch.


  2. Good catch, L! You are quite likely the only person who still reads the Moron News or its twins.

  3. OK. Surely SOMEone will either make some sense before or file a lawsuit after. But I guess the good people of Bella Vista don't have much use for things like the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. I would hope that there would be a significant amount of protest by many of the retired veterans up there, who fought for those very things. But I'm sure my hopes are unfounded and, once again, the people of Benton County will get what they deserve, along with their illiterate County Judge and their senile Sheriff who selectively enforces and follows the law.

    Just my opinion. To which their own everyone has the right.

  4. Thankfully,not all of us in Benton County are in agreement with these ignorant people. Of course, I am not a native but from the liberal Northeast :-) Wondering if the Kay Strickland of the news article is the same as the real estate lady there -- Mmmm... makes me wonder how welcoming Bella Vista is to other minorities -- HA!

  5. Thank goodness for Fayetteville coming to the rescue on this issue. Benton County residents remained mum on this debacle, while two University professors from Fayetteville came to the meeting to talk about the constitution and religious freedom, principles which apparently don't interest anyone north of County Line Liquor.