Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday's Gone

I read on the Fayetteville Flyer that T.G.I.Friday closed last week, and there is a vigorous and somewhat interesting discussion among readers in the comments section. Whatever your opinion of the restaurant, it sucks that about a hundred minimum wage and sub-minimum wage workers found themselves unemployed just before Christmas. Let us hope that they were paid the wages due, unlike what often happens to employees when some place like Osegueras closes and employees get stiffed for back wages.

I didn't ever eat at T.G.I.Friday during its four year life in Fayetteville, and I am not sure exactly where it was. I think it was somewhere over the rainbow, out in that field behind Kohl's, in that maze of restaurants that come and go. It must be close to the former Fuddruckers that closed up shop two years ago, when the manager said there were too many restaurants out there. Bill Ramsey said the business failed because the Fayetteville sign ordinance kept our city from looking more like Springdale, so T.G.I.Friday might have survived with a bigger sign that you could see all the way from the Wilson Spring Audubon Nature Center.

I don't know.


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    I still need someone to tell me if that was old Wild Bill Ramsey posing in that pic with Boo!Man a couple of threads earlier?


  2. A family member of mine worked at a restaurant on Dickson that closed suddenly, and got stiffed out of two months worth of tips and two weeks worth of wages. She's still dealing with the Labor Department trying to get them to do something.

  3. I heard the bar at the corner grill was gutted in a fire this morning. Anybody know more? Is Happy Hour called off?

  4. Remember there is no wage theft law in Arkansas. Maybe its time we get the state legislator to pass one .. Maybe Mr. Leading or Ramsey would like to take on stand on that issue?

  5. Good luck on getting Ramsey to take a stand on anything, but you'll be better off if he doesn't. His record in the state legislature was embarrassing, and Jonah should have plenty of material for blogging between now and the election.

  6. Jonah,
    You and every other concerned and ignorant person that likes to comment on the Osegueras situation, should do some fact checking. I actually know the family and therefore know the true story. First and foremost, all Osegueras are independantly owned and operated. Second, the only location that had problems was the one in Bentonville, that location closed and the owner is making arrangements to settle all wages owed. It is not easy to close a business that is loosing money and cover all of your expenses on your way out. If it was, then there would be no bankruptcy laws. If you are going to pretend to be a reporter than at least act like one and be responsible with your fact checking, eitherwise your just another high school nerd spreading around what is rumured gossip.