Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jim Holt Ready to Rumble

Fans and followers of Jim Holt are throwing a fund-raising party in Fort Smith next week. It is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the 2010 Jim Holt for U.S. Senate campaign by writing a fat check. If enough people believe in him and make a love offering, then the race is on. His handlers point out that Holt got 44% against Lincoln six years ago, before she managed to upset so many voters on the left and right.

If hard times have made tightwads of the faithful, then Jim will be looking to take back his old State Senate seat now held by Bill Pritchard of Elkins. There are more Republican primary votes in Springdale than in the rest of the district.


  1. Is he in the race to have more children than what's his name? Doesn't anyone care about overpopulation?

  2. Don't be surprised if wins. Voters are fed up with Blanche babe's holiday votes for socialized medicine and more debt.

  3. Anyone who doesn't understand that overpopulation is the cause of famine and war isn't fit to serve in the government of any state, nation, city, county or even to supervise his own zipper.

  4. Don't be surprised if Mayor John Gray of Greenland wins the Senatorial election as the Green Party candidate. Voters are fed up with Blanche voting against a full-blown public option for all to have health insurance and her weak stance on climate-change legislation.

  5. Mr. Holt might be a nice fellow, but your post makes it seem that his political compass is pointed at himself. When someone seeks office, you want to hope that the issues are the motivation, not which campaign they can afford to get a job. Whenever I hear candidates mulling whether to run for two different offices, I decide to vote for someone else.

    Holt and Pritchard would be equally outrageous and ineffective in the state senate, but I cannot vote in that race. I can vote for Mr. Gray for U.S. Senate.

  6. The health care vote by Blanchey included a 500 Billion dollar cut to medicare - Hello medical rationing

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    A famous local RWinger once said that since jesus jim left the military (enlistee) his job as state senator was the best job he ever had. At that time the job paid $15K per year plus a per diem. That's with a family of 11 to feed.

    Can anyone tell me how that man has supported a family of 11 since he left the Ark Senate?

    A few years ago I noted The Moron News reported he was a church counselor. He has no degree but the term "counselor" is not defined in this state.

    Anyone who wins the Ark. Demo-Gazette award as top of the Top Ten WORST Legislators of the Year somehow fits the level of ignorance found in Chickenopolis.

    For you true-blue righties Holt supported Springdale's socialism, the taxpayer funded baseball stadium. So he's not against government debt..millions in bonds were issued for taxpayers to pay off this playground for the 'Have-Mores.'

    Thought we should keep the "purity" level straight.

    Regarding that jesus jim "might be a nice fellow" consider the glee Holt expressed when supporting legislation that would have banned immigrant children from getting emergency medical care at any publicly supported medical institution. Real Christian that Holt.


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    The health care vote by Blanchey included a 500 Billion dollar cut to medicare - Hello medical rationing

    We already have medical rationing. It's called PAY or DIE, delivered daily to people all across America via
    Insurance companies. Doctors must hold up emergency room procedures waiting on approval from an Insurance Company a thousand miles away.

    Many patients cannot get insurance. I was one of them so I paid medical expenses until I was nearly broke, out of my pockets after paying premiums to those maggots for 24 years. One serious condition and your finished.

    THANKS SENATOR LINCOLN for ending those maggot's free feed off of sick and disabled people!!

  9. Angry Progressive #8763December 25, 2009 at 9:44 PM

    @L. - Uhh, I know this is off topic, but did you notice that the Senate healthcare bill includes a mandate that forces individuals to buy insurance from "those maggots"? Please recall that the public option, which would have been a refuge for people unable to afford policies from private insurers, was killed by conservatives like Sen. Lincoln. "Those maggots" have found a true friend in Sen. Lincoln.

  10. It's not just that the maggots have won this round (thanks, Blanche) but now they will be more firmly dug in than ever. They can't refuse to insure you? But they can sure raise your rates. And Pharma? Our drug costs surpass those of other countries and will continue to do so. We will still foot the bill from our own private pockets on an individual basis but now with coercion from above. It seems that to a Democrat, the only issue is to defeat the Republicans. Time to start thinking about a more helpful scenario.

  11. Angry Progressive: I'm not sure the mandate to purchase a private contract from a private firm will withstand a court challenge.

    We both know there will be Libertarians who will challenge the mandate in court.

    What's that? States force you to buy car insurance and look at how those premiums have skyrocketed.

    False analogy. First of all, in Ark, the state makes you prove financial responsibility. If you can demonstrate each 6 months that you have cash or cash equivalents to meet Ark liability requirements then you need not buy auto insurance. That would mean you have about a spare $150K on deposit. Secondly, auto prices have soared and repairing fiberglass car bodies loaded with expensive electronics pushes repair costs upward. I have a 30 yr old pick up that costs very little to insure. It runs good when it runs.

    So, not so sure the public mandate to buy into insurance schemes is going to work. SCOTUS will eventually decide that.

    If mandate is upheld then there is a ceiling in place to cap the amount that premiums can be raised.

    Those persons and families who earn up to 150% to 200% of the federal poverty rate will receive federal subsidies to buy private insurance. Below the federal poverty line and a person or family qualifies for Medicaid. States get new, larger subsidies for Medicaid.

    Do I like it? NOT.AT.ALL.

    It's a beginning. No more pre-existing conditions and arbitrary cancellations. Insurance does NOTHING for health care. Not.A.Damn.Thing. No nurses, no Md's, no hospitals are produced via insurance companies.

    Public option was no more than a fig leaf since BHO invited Big Insurance to the White House months ago to arrive at something they would accept.

    BHO is Bush Lite. Like Medicare Advantage and part D this is a huge transfer of public monies into the pockets of private profiteers.

    The main oppo groups fighting it(in the media) are those gazillionaires whose taxes are going up. Presently gazillionaire wingnuts are attempting to confuse the great unread masses of teabagger that their taxes will be raised. Not true. In fact their taxes have decreased. The uber-rich do not like to pay for a country that provides them the platform to accumulate great wealth.

    Blanche needs to be replaced by John Laney Gray, Green Party.


  12. Mr. Dooley,

    No, Mr. Holt has made it clear that he never had any intention of running for his state senate seat. That rumor was produced by Gilbert Bakers best friend Marvin Parks. You can see the progression of the rumor on twitter. I'll say one thing about Mr. Holt he is not in it for himself. He truly cares about this nation and the direction it's heading.

  13. L.,
    EMTLA states that anyone can get emergency medical. For your future info. If I remember correctly his bill wouldn't allow benefits to those here illegally (hud, wic, food stamps etc.), not emergency care.

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    I recall it VERY correctly. Holt wanted to disallow, prevent ANYone here illegally from getting ANY benefit including EMERGENCY Medical care for children.

    I also remember Gov Huckabuck calling him out on it and several other ledgies could not believe his complete lack of compassion for the "least of these."

    If Holt appears a Christian to you 9:19 then God save the nation and you. Otherwise, you're just piss-poor spin.

    Holt's first shindig is tomorrow. I hope we get a complete report on his money raisinng. He's lost his last TWO elections and the candidate he "managed" in the Court of Appeals race '08 lost big time. They tried to keep it a secret that Holt was his manager.

    Perhaps with a family of 11 there will be enough elections to keep the Holt family pantry full because he has no other skills, no degree and does not play well with others.


  15. I always liked his idea of closing down public schools, because, you know, that's socialism.
    No, Mr. Holt is the same as Mr. Dugger (R-overpopulator) in thinking that due to his religious beliefs he was chosen by God to lead the unclean masses. It's not about what's right for the country, it's about what he thinks is right for the country.

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    December 30, 2009 9:57 PM

    "We’ve had some clandestine forces in the trenches in northwest Arkansas reporting on what’s taking place tonight at the two Jim Holt fundraisers for his expected U.S. Senate bid.

    Our source for the $100 Mad Pizza fundraiser estimated that between 75-80 people attended the event, including children.

    It was a much smaller affair for the $1,000 a plate fundraiser at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. The 20 place settings wound up serving 15 people we're told, including Holt, his wife, a staff person, and photographer."

    Talk Business story here.

    One observer points out that Holt's FB page only says
    "Senate" and not U.S.Senate. Also noted is that the amounts solicited above are within the Ark state regulations for running for Ark. state Senate. If it were in fact a federal office the upper limit would have been $2400 plate.