Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does Dr. NO Have a Jobs Plan?

Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Jobs for Main Street Act (H.R. 2847), which appropriates $154 billion to create and save jobs. No new revenue or deficit spending required, because it’s totally paid for with leftover bank bailout funds. It actually cuts taxes for 16 million families through the Child Tax Credit.

The legislation provides funding for highway and local mass transit projects, construction and repairing schools and low-income housing, and jobs for teachers, police and firefighters. It provides job training programs and extends recovery act initiatives to help small businesses create jobs. There are also provisions for lifeline unemployment and health care and food aid to those who have lost their jobs during this recession.

The vote was 217-212. Congressman John Boozman voted against it. We are still waiting for Nero's plan to rescue the economy and put people back to work.


  1. Except for their own salaries, those three dudes haven't created a single job in the last decade.

  2. Is Boozman's fly open in that photo?

  3. Please, please. These folks have buddies who they *take care of.*
    Most probably from the *when things get back to normal* realest hate mania crowd. You know who you are, personal responsibility & all that? Like this request for an extension of time sent to the City:
    Deteriorating National and Regional economic conditions beyond the control of SouthPass have caused significant delays in the development process.
    Which conditions we have had nothing to do with engendering.
    There's a slow train coming in 2010.

    I find it kindof funny, I find it kindof sad.
    The dreams in which I'm bankrupt
    Are the best I've ever had.

    (apologies to) TEARS FOR FEARS

  4. Your boy B-rack has not done much to create job either. Borrowing lots of money to waste it is not creating jobs.

  5. We all know The Booz is a big 'ol dud. I think about 80% of everything you(all) and Lessie have done in the past 3 months has been on this one egit. How about working some other local issues...

  6. Boozman has no plan for putting people back to work, at least not in America. He is just against anything that anyone else tries to get done. Let's fire them all and start over with a new batch that aren't so comfortable in Washington.

  7. Sorry boz but i had eye surgery this week. Who is that short fat one to the right of Boozer in the pic?

  8. .

    Your boy B-rack has not done much to create job either. Borrowing lots of money to waste it is not creating jobs.

    When Barrack Hussein Obama took office your Disaster Monkey had the U.S. economy hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs per month.

    The Demos have managed to get that number down to 11,000 jobs per month without a damn bit of help from the likes of Boozer.

    Barrack Hussein Obama has funneled hundreds of billions into local projects and state's unemployment funds to keep regular folks eating 3 meals a day.

    Chickenopolis International Airport has a new runway leading to new warehouses via B-rack. Meanwhile your boy Boozer could not deliver $20 million to help his supporters in Springdale (who vote 101% R) get funds to connect Don Tyson to I-540, even when his party ruled the Capital. Barrack Hussein Obama will get the funds for that project while Boozer voted against it.

    Boozer: Good.For.Nothing.Not.A.GodDamn.Thing.