Saturday, November 21, 2009

Razorback Recruiting

It appears that it will be a short season for the Razorback basketball team. With half the scholarship players gone or absent for academic and extracurricular reasons, the vacancies are being filled by a golfer and a redshirt football player. We need to do some serious recruiting if the Razorbacks want to be competitive in the SEC next year.

The 30-point blowout loss to Louisville on national television was painful. Having Appalachian State take us to overtime was a bad omen for winning many SEC games this season. We need to do some serious recruiting if the Razorbacks want to be competitive in the SEC next year.

I'm just saying....


  1. Ah, but the players are free spirits. Isn't that what education is all about?

  2. Nice photo of Mike Anderson. Do you think he would leave Mizzou, or will Jeff Long be forced to look to coaches at powerhouse programs like Creighton and South Alabama?

  3. maybe if our players would act like humans off the court we would have a team.
    It ain't the coaching.

  4. I like Pelphrey....but you got to pick some kids that don't only have talent, but also have a good base (family morals); not street kids from the hood....I'm just sayin', for the most part, some of the choices he has made has come back to bite him in the pigtail cuz they are street kids......they come from the streets.....they got the talent but not the discipline from a good 'whoop ass' momma! He's been too soft! I think Anderson is in....

  5. Ms. Snoddy--

    Although you might well be correct, I find it odd that you post a condemnation of "street kids from the hood"-- in a watered-down version of dialect used by street kids from the hood.

    Your blog is much the same. I'd be more inclined to read it if you'd post it in language that is less tedious to read.

    I'm just sayin'.

  6. Losing at home to Morgan State? Time for a change.

  7. Three home losses in a row to Morgan State, East Tennessee, and South Alabama, which must be a school record for cupcakes, and Pelphrey makes more than all three coaches combined. It reminds me of Jack Crow losing to the Citadel in football. At least when pelphrey gets into the SEC schedule, he'll be losing to coaches with similar salaries.