Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of Taxes and Trust

No one likes to pay taxes, but everyone knows that paying our property taxes is essential to support the public schools, the library, fire and police services, and general operation of city and county government. Most of us are willing to pay our fair share. That is what makes it particularly shameful when those who benefit most from these services don't meet their obligations, and those who are always asking for special treatment and public funding for private profit deserve a heap of scorn.

Among the delinquent deadbeats who have not paid past due personal property taxes are John C. Nock ($467.41), Nock Developments ($278.20), and Nock Investments ($679.34).

Among the delinquent deadbeats that have not paid past due real property taxes are John C and Jill Nock ($4,013.20) on that swanky home on Forest Heights, then there is a long list of delinquent properties owned by Ball Plaza Holdings LLC ($44,084.80) Nock Investments ($26,771.65), Nock Homes LLC ($5,081.80) Nock-Broyles Land Development LLC ($3,062.19), One East Center LLC ($24,882), Metro District Partners LLC, and who knows what other properties behind the invisible shield of creatively named and structured Limited Liability Corporations.

That’s well over $100,000 in delinquent property taxes that should be going to the Fayetteville Public Schools, the Fayetteville Public Library, and local government operations. And, it is one more reason that TIF Districts are a bad idea when even those benefiting from the bond proceeds won’t pay their property taxes.

From the list of criminal warrants on the Fayetteville Police Department site, it looks like John Nock has other problems besides being a tax deadbeat. And, by the way, where's that deed to the 200-acre park at Southpass?


  1. Are property taxes dischargable in bankruptcy? Shouldn't the school, library, city, and county file tax liens on these properties to make sure they get paid when the property is flipped or sold at auction?

  2. What's the Fay'ville criminal list linked for? I don't see John's name there...what am I missing?

  3. Try searching. I found a criminal summons issued for Nock on August 5 by searching, and it also showed a parking summons for Nock Investments on August 26.

    Why would Nock Investments be getting parking tickets? Doesn't Nock own that ugly parking lot where he promised he was going to build a hotel? Doesn't he have an interest in the Cosmopolitan Hotel that has been getting free parking from the city by not paying rent on the deck?

  4. I know the collapse of the banking sector and specifically the closure of ANB has had a profound affect on Nock as well as several of his partners.

  5. John Nock tweeted:

    Happiness is impossible without personal progression...this is the moving in the direction of worthwhile goals.

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    Seems just yesterday he was Mayor Dan's hero. How time flies.


  7. This just begs for answers to how much the tif parking lot is costing us taxpayers over the 30 (more or less) years of the bonds sold to finance this eyesore.
    How much is southpuss costing us for a no-deed no-money annexed in failure.

  8. Speaking of annex, does anyone know if the Southp*ss land has been officially annexed and terminally rezoned? or was that contingent on something else?

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    Don't forget to check out THIS populist movement, sponsored in part by friends of Nock.