Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chickendale Cowbirds Chowdown

Thanks very much, once again, to citizen watchdog Anita Davis and SpringdaleFOI for letting the public see how Perry Webb and the Chichendale Cowbirds are blowing the cash handed over to them for "economic development" by the taxpayers of Springdale. One of the previously unaccountable slush funds worth reviewing is the bill for their dining expenses, and it ain't chickenfeed.

They have meticulously documented more than $120,000 for fine dining and adult beverages, down to and including a receipt for $1.92 at the Blimpie Cart in the Atlanta airport, but we will have to wait for the details of expenses and alleged business guests who woofed down $70,512 at the Springdale Country Club, well over half of the outlays. The individual receipts are being reviewed and will be released for public viewing soon.

Either to make it appear that they were spending money with city businesses or because they were ignorant about the city limits, the Cowbirds claimed that they spent $100 at the Venesian Inn in Springdale. but that hardly compares with the $2,204 they lavished on themselves at Luigi's in Washington DC. They also supported the local economic engine Cracker Barrel, the envy of Bill Ramsey, to the tune of $45.31 in business meals, but that was less than half of the $101.95 they sloshed down for economic development one afternoon at the Claddagh Irish Pub in Middleton, Wisconsin.

The AQ Chicken House had a collective haul of $1,291 over three years, but that was less than a single evening's tab of $1,297 at Cafe 42 in Little Rock. The Cowbirds invested $3,208 in steaks and swill at the Ruth's Chris Steak House on DuPont Circle in Washington, DC, but to show they were able to graze with the common people, they spent $3,559 at Jim's Razorback Pizza and $3,223 at McBride Distributing in Fayetteville.

I have to wonder how the average working stiff in Chickendale would feel about this if it were ever fully covered or even briefly mentioned in the Moron News. Those working on the line for the federal minimum wage would have to work 129 days to earn enough to pay the $7,495 catering bill at Mark Henry's Catering Unlimited LLC.


  1. Even Steve Clark wouldn't do something this outrageous. Perry Webb has no shame.

  2. Hello????!!! Steve Clark did it too! If you notice the big tickets are usually the 'out of town' tickets......that's because they are boozing it up and having a grand ol' time at the expense of your Springdale Citizens! They need to pull their Municipal League Tickets when they go to Hot Springs and see how much they spend on that.....I don't understand why they just don't have a dang, good ol' keg party for the citizens of Springdale and buy it all from the locals......that's all they want to do anyway is get drunk and eat!!!! Why not spread the wealth?????? Peace Out!

  3. Now the website has added "office supplies" from BOSE, iTunes and Land's End...

  4. That's so they can wear nice oxfords, khakis and penny-loafers while grooving to hot new tracks played on their BOSE Wave Radio/MP3 Player in the office.

    How else do you expect them to get any work done?