Monday, November 2, 2009

The Chicken that Laid the Golden Egg

A little more than two years ago, we told you about the "working vacation" at Mt. Magazine Lodge, a new resort with hot tubs and an indoor pool, where Chickendale Cowbird 'business leaders" told local city officials what they wanted in addition to the $177,000 slush fund from the taxpayers. In October 2007, we wrote:
The Springdale Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a three-day obedience school designed to help their city officials set appropriate goals. Springdale elected officials, school administrators, and city department heads are a captive audience for the so-called business leaders, who are holed up away from public view at beautiful Mount Magazine State Park Lodge in Logan County to get together on what the business community expects and how the city can deliver.
At that time, we said it wasn't clear who was picking up the tab for this fun get-away, but we noted that it was "sponsored by undisclosed construction companies, banks, food processors, engineers, and architects." What we didn't know then but know now is that the Chickendale Cowbirds spent $16,497.21 for a Texas outfit called 9G to "facilitate" the discussions and $23,911.64 at the resort for two nights' "lodging." This from an account co-mingled with city funds that were supposed to be for "economic development" and "promoting Springdale."

That is a sweet deal for someone, or a lot of someones, considering that the most expensive suite in peak season is only $209 a night, including, "Fireplace, River Valley View, Satellite Television, 2 balconies, living area with separate bedroom, king size bed, jacuzzi, telephone, coffee pot, microwave, in-room safe, high-speed internet, iron & ironing board, refrigerator." That doesn't include the mini-bar.

Why didn't they have this big party at the Springdale Holiday Inn & Convention Center, so the Cowbirds and their captive elected officials and city employees could sleep in their own beds, and keep the money in the local economy? Maybe because they would have been distracted by local citizens asking what was going on, listening to the discussions, and having some input from ordinary citizens who weren't on the Cowbird A-List? Yes.


  1. Perry Webb is a lucky man to be living so well, making so much money, producing so little results, and being unaccountable to anyone.

  2. Now Jonah.....I'm sure the 'Local Officials' of Logan County ENJOYED the Cowbirds flyin' in to visit and the Springdale check pitfall of taxes into the county tax fund! Now according to the September 2009 Levy Receipts for little ol' Logan County, as a whole, they had a grand total of $93,839.52 (it was $131,723.30 last Sept.08). Springdale alone, city as a whole, not counting the county.....brought in for September $1,749,227.69 (down just a little 1,754,777.98 in '08). So Jonah.....don't rain on Logan Counties' parade....that was probably the best little gift they had in 2007 and that poor little county needed it! Of course, we probably need to find out what their Bubba County Judge Holt did with those funds cuz I think he might be kinda like your Cowbirds.....from what I hear, he likes to take care of his own needs too!

  3. It is certainly better to have a wild weekend for the boys and fill the tax coffers of Logan County than to waste the same amount of money fighting sign ordinances, tree ordinances, minimum wage, health care reform, protection against employment discrimination, and Democratic candidates.

  4. Don't mess with me "Citizen"! You know what I'm talk'n need to be surly to a LADY!!!

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  6. I don't know why Springdale bothers to keep a Chamber of Commerce. Every positive impression I have of Springdale is associated with individuals and families I know who are from Springdale; they managed to impress me in spite of every effort of the Chamber.

  7. Sheez, after living here for 5-6 years I don't know why Chickenopolis bothers to keep a government other than to have a few good streets to Tysons hatcheries and offices.

    It's pretty damn easy to asess a city run by a Chamber of Commerce. Some streets are paved over so many times the street surface is almost even with the top of the curb.

    Chamberbirds killed the only festival or activity that brought people to their downtown. Featherfest was attracting too many messicuns. So the closed shoe stores and empty storefront owners just couldn't take it and had it canceled.

    Wonder what the hell goobers are going to do when messicuns begin to vote in larger numbers?