Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Police Blotters

Springdale Police Officer Danny Cox, the school resource officer at Springdale's Southwest Junior High School, resigned last week after being accused of stealing $27.66 worth of food from a Walmart Neighborhood Market through the self-checkout kiosk. Springdale Police Chief Kathy O'Kelley said she expects misdemeanor charges to be filed against Cox, who once quit the police force to work at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Springdale before being rehired by the department in 2001.

Rogers Patrolman Jonathon McClain was fired for violating several departmental policies and rules. McClain was waived through security at XNA on the pretense that he was there on official business to escort an inbound prisoner from California, when he was actually there to pick up his daughters. Police Chief Steve Hamilton said McClain was fired not for carrying a firearm into a restricted area under false pretenses, which is against federal law, but for being dishonest. Although he flunked a polygraph exam about the airport incident, McClain is appealing his firing.

At least they weren't stealing test answers, taking roadside bonds, tipping cows, downloading porn, strip searching parking violators, having sex in their patrol cars, or pretending to be 13-year old girls on the internet.


  1. You should check out the fire departments if you want some really good stuff.

  2. I can only speak for the Rogers Fire Department, but it is very much improved with the hiring of a dynamic new Fire Chief. He has implemented a good training program, and he has the confidence and support of the fire fighters and Mayor Womack. Couldn't be better.

  3. Twenty some years ago one of your Rogers boy's let a little girl burn to death because it was out of the coverage area just over 500 feet - look it up - whitney - whitmiere whitley

  4. anon 10:44
    What does your comment have to do with the comment that anon 7:24 made? What does it have to do with the article that Jonah posted? Why would you reach out with your comment like that? Sounds like you have some issues with it that have lasted "some twenty years". Maybe you should call someone and talk to them about some of these issues, there are several counseling centers in the NWA area. You probably need to make an appointment. I am being serious when I say good luck to you and I hope that you can get some help.

  5. What's going on at with the Fayetteville Fire Department? The article in the paper today made it sound like a real clusterfuck that is out of control. Sexual harassment, retaliation, firing two long time employees. What's up with that? No explanation in the article from the fire chief, but plenty of weird charges from a fired employee. Who is responsible for this mess? Mr. Mayor?

  6. Give a little man a badge and what is he?
    A little man with a badge.

    Unfortunately we have lots of little men with badges.