Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chaplain America

Jay Cole, Jr., writing in today's Northwest Arkansas Times, says, "Writing this letter, I am fully aware that any of these letters could be my last for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that our current news blackout, like Nazi Germany, which has lasted for at least a decade now, will be intensified by bailouts for controlled mainstream propaganda infotainment sources while private news sources with reporters who get real stories will be forced to go bankrupt or silenced by federal law."

A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, where people know him. I hope that Jay Cole, Jr., will continuing his letter writing until the local newspapers go bankrupt or are silenced by federal law and black helicopters. He is more rational and less obnoxious than the teabagger mobs.


  1. He also mentioned the armed foreign troops on all the street corners that only he can see.

  2. Jay has nothing on Laurie Masterson when it comes to imaginary enemies. She takes the prize for biggest fruitcake and least effective activist.

  3. .
    What we learned last Saturday is that Jay and the T-baggers have something in common. Both make money from stupid people.

    While at Sen Lincoln (D-CIGNA) Benton County Picnic we noted that just past the protesters were several large vans and RVs. When a friend began photographing the out of state license plates he was threatened by angry older people who came from the protest to check him out.

    It takes a lot to operate one of those 9 mph RVs and you can put a lot of folks in one.

    Cole gets paid for his crazy making. He's a smart-enough bidness man to know his customer base.

    So, with so many poor and stupid people out there who will join me in playing the race card, becoming a birther and hustlin some real bucks from this mass of crazies?

    Otherwise the poor and stupid would just spend it on insurance and even WalMart wants in on ObamaCare so fuk them, no hustlin Wally.