Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lincoln Stinkin'

Figures don't lie, but liars figure, so it will be interesting to see how Blank Lincoln spins the latest poll numbers and legislative scorecard. She has done everything asked of her by her corporate masters, yet her numbers are in the tank. It is likely that she has been mesmerized by the size of corporate PAC checks and forgotten that corporations cannot actually vote, even if they can give you obscene amounts of money to help you buy votes. Next November will actually be about votes by people instead of who has the fattest FEC report.

Lincoln has toed the corporate line, now she must tote their baggage. Pushing repeal of the federal estate tax on billionaires. Making it more difficult for low income folks to discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy, then bailing out failed banks. Whoring for Wal-Mart to kill the Employee Free Choice Act. Whoring for giant agribusiness corporations for huge handouts while small farms dry up. Waffling on health care reform while people are turned away from hospitals. The list goes on, and it is getting worse. FiveThirtyEight, a national political website, documents that Lincoln's already low lifetime progressive voting record on crucial votes (68.8%) has dropped 21 points to 47.8% this year as she faces reelection in 2010. She and her corporate advisers think it is good politics to ignore the progressive Democrats in Arkansas and try to win the throwback Republicans.

Now, the latest poll numbers in Arkansas show that Blank's continuing sell-out has put her political future at risk. The
latest Talk Business Quarterly Poll shows her with a job approval rating of 49% approving and 40% disapproving. Approval ratings below 50% for a two-term incumbent are dangerous, but the 40% negative should be of more concern for her financial backers. More telling is the intensity level, with 23% strongly disapproving and only 15% strongly approving.

The poll also asked respondents, "
If the 2010 election was held today and you had to make a choice, would you vote to re-elect Blanche Lincoln as our United States Senator no matter who ran against her?" She got a 27% Yes, and a whopping 60% No. With those numbers, most incumbents would be checking the balance in their retirement accounts, but Lincoln might not be sweating it. At this point, there are no progressive challengers in the Democratic primary, and no announced Republican with a real chance.

Blank must have decided to just keep voting with the corporate party, go for the money, and buy the election with mediated platitudes. It could work and probably will, unless someone with both courage and good sense steps up.

Senator Lincoln will be in Northwest Arkansas this week to rake in some more corporate cash. She will also make two public appearances, if you want to ask her why she consistently votes against your interests almost as often as John Boozman. You'll find her in Springdale at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, and she'll be in Rogers at the Samaritan House at 4:30 on Saturday. I don't think she'll be making any stops in the Democratic province of Fayetteville.


  1. "In the course of human events it becomes necessary to change riders. The Corporate Party of Arkansas seeks to represent ALL the people, ALL the time. Thus, some changes in personnel may become necessary.

    "But, just so you know, it's the same Pony Express delivering your no-bid contracts, keeping your utility bills higher than in FIVE surrounding states, and maintaining the Home of Lower Wages, Always."

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    Coporate Money indeed! Am I the only JT blogger who passed up the opportunity to get into the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner lottery which Sen Blanche offered on an equal basis for all Arkies?

    For only Five bucks (5 USD) you could donate to Sen Blanche's reelection and your name went into the lucky lottery to win a seat at Sen. Blanche's table. If you gave more than once that meant additional chances to win the coveted
    Dinner seat.

    I wrote back that I just had a significant increase in my Medicare Part D arrangements for buying the same prescription drug I've used for 3 years. Sorry Sen Blanche, due to that $130 a month increase I couldn't even afford gas to the GALA EVENT in case my lucky name were drawn on my (5 USD) dinner-lottery ticket.

    She would just have to get my (5 USD) from her husband, Stephen Lincoln, Md.


  3. I will vote for Blanche's ballot opponent, no matter who that is, just so she gets my small message that she is a sell-out, and not a Democrat, and should be ashamed of herself.

  4. Egads, Jonah, I find your comments to be well, un-amerikan.

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    Of course the riled-up teabaggers are not loud without a purpose:

    Former exec: Insurers fomenting town hall chaos
    By Mike Soraghan
    Posted: 08/12/09 05:12 PM [ET]
    A former health insurance executive says the disruptions taking place at lawmakers' town halls around the country are the result of stealth efforts by health insurance companies.

    Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA vice president, detailed what he said were past covert efforts by the industry. Though he said he does not have specifics for what is occurring now, because he's been out of the business for a year, it follows the same pattern.

    (Wendell's story is clicky )

    "The industry is up to the same dirty tricks this year," Potter said at a Capitol news conference after meeting with House Rules Committee Chairwoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), an avid supporter of the Democrats' plans for a healthcare overhaul.

    "When you hear someone complaining about traveling down a 'slippery slope to socialism,' some insurance flack, like I used to be, wrote that," Potter added.

    Potter said during his 20 years in the insurance business, the industry would funnel money to large public firms who would create front groups and find friendly voices in conservative media.

    continue here


  6. Just-admit-you-need-helpAugust 14, 2009 at 10:37 AM

    Just how different is Blanche Lincoln from most other WashingtonDC corporate Democrats who will not consider allowing single payer health care into their deliberations, have not repealed the military commissions act, continue to commit us to the economic drain of war, and can't get WallStreet under even a modicum of control.

    Answer: She's just one of The Club.

    When, oh when will you see through the illusion that the Democrats of today are not the same as they used to be? They are not accountable to you, you are not their true constituency and in Arkansas you won't even get the chance to vote for a challenger.

    Echoes from elections past: "Third party? Shreeek! That's just throwing your vote away..."

  7. I voted Green against Mark Pryor and gave Green money too! Still proud of it.

  8. I have given up on any real Democrats getting into the Senate race next year. I hope that the Greens have a candidate so I can vote against Blank without having to vote for the other Republican on the ballot this fall.

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    Sen Blanche was in Bella Vista, Sat 15th speaking to Benton County Demos.

    Asked to support the public option: Blanche said
    "We can't afford it."

    This from the mouth of a multimillionaire woman whose family enjoys hundreds of thousand$ in crop subsidies each year. She helps write the Farm Bill.


  10. Someone posted a poll by SurveyUSA that showed 77% favor a public option choice for health care. That leaves Blanche, Mark, and the Teabaggers making up the 23% undecided and against.