Friday, August 14, 2009

No Plan Boozman

Congressman John Boozman (R-Gated Community) held a Town Hall meeting on health care this morning at the Jones Center in Springdale. He is for better health care, but he is against the Obama proposal and every Democratic idea being offered. He does admit that there is a problem with the cost and availability, which is the first step, but he has offered no realistic solution.

John Boozman is just like the Screaming Teabaggers, except he has better manners. He is against everything that has been proposed, but he doesn't have a plan except to be an obstructionist and vote no. He is also a double-talker of the first order. He claims that his "background as both a small business owner and a health care provider gives me a good perspective from which to work with my colleagues in Congress to lower the costs of quality health care for all Americans," if you will allow that an optometrist is a health care provider to the same extent a register clerk at E-Z Mart is an energy provider.

Then, after bragging about his political perspective, he says, "
Politicians making decisions about our health care needs is a prescription for disaster." So, it looks like John is willing to let insurance corporations and bankruptcy judges keep making those decisions about how much health care you can afford. John is looking after the "stakeholders" in the game, and they are looking after him as well.

Boozman will continue to fight Socialism and single-payer government-controlled health care, you know, like Medicare, the VA Hospitals, and that outstanding free plan provided by taxpayers for members of Congress. If that's not enough to show his colors, you can ask Congressman Boozman why he has repeatedly voted for free single-payer government health care for all the child molesters, drug kingpins, and crime bosses in federal prison but voted against the expansion of programs like ARKids First to provide any health care coverage to the children of low and middle income working families.


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    ..if you will allow that an optometrist is a health care provider to the same extent a register clerk at E-Z Mart is an energy provider.



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    "Crazy is a preexisting condition"

    read it and believe it, on eLwood.


  3. Actually, Congressman Boozman did in fact offer an alternate solution at the Friday town hall. The very first thing that he said that the priority should be tort reform. Dr Chris Johnson, one of the panelists, explained in detail the need for tort reform as a means to combat the practice of defensive medicine.

  4. We;ve already done TORT REFORM in Arkansas for Mds.

    What did it accomplish? NOTTA.
    How much did it lower medical liability rates? Notta

    Try to stay up.

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    Meanwhile for your conservative viewing pleasure:

    "Tom DeLay To Perform Sexy Dance Moves On Teevee

    "When you stop to think about it, the only thing preventing Tom DeLay from replacing Karen Finley as the world's greatest performance artist is the fact that he has never publicly shot yams out of his ass. But now he's doing the next best thing, which is participating in the hit weight-loss/salsa competition for pudgy Republicans, Dancing with the Stars.

    That is not even a joke. Tom DeLay will appear on the next season of DWTS, the same show that briefly made Tucker Carlson famous.

    Meanwhile, Rod Blagojevich can't even appear on that dumb Costa Rica show where they eat snakes for breakfast. This just goes to show you how much the world hates Democrats.

    Anyway, catch the dancing fever! The next season premieres Monday, September 21st at 8pm Eastern.

    click on eLwood.


  6. Boozman's idea of health care reform is to give doctors a free pass for negligence? You're shitting me, right? How about making it a felony for paitents to be late for an appointment or payment on a hospital bill? That would be a reform.

  7. Boozman is sooooo full of shit.