Monday, December 10, 2007

The Spirit of the Season

Benton County continues to demonstrate the character of its residents in many ways, large and small. The Benton County Democratic Women's Club is only the latest to get the Bronx Cheer for their efforts to celebrate the holidays.

Suzanne Jessup says the women enjoyed participating in the Bentonville Christmas Parade because it was well-organized, diverse, and drew enthusiastic onlookers. She also reported that the Democratic Women marching in the parade and sharing Christmas greetings were booed by onlookers in the Bentonville crowd. Then, that evening, their lights and decorations were stolen, and they had to buy new ones before their entry in the Rogers Christmas Parade. Apparently they were not booed in Rogers.

This is the same county were United Way donations will miss the goal for the third consecutive year and where George Bush felt he could get a friendly crowd to talk about his veto of children's health care legislation. Happy Holidays, indeed.

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